Welcome to Mukut Restaurant

 Get to Know Us

Mukut is Ottawa’s very own North East Indian restaurant with catering services. Salim Reza, the owner and head chef of this establishment has been serving fresh and tasty dishes since 1986, one of the oldest in the heart of Ottawa.

More about our menu, Mukut was once presented the Ottawa city Magazine Restaurant award, and has been featured in countless articles since its open. From our popular dishes such as the spicy hot vindaloo, the creamy curry korma, our coconut-ty sweet and chilli butter chicken and mouth watering saag paneer, we will be able to cater to everyone’s taste buds, even for our vegetarian and vegan friends.

So come join us at 610 Rideau Street, and experience the authentic and traditional tastes of our Indian food here at Mukut.

Hope to see you soon.

More info and our complete menu link can be found here,dedicated to Delicious food lovers.

 Where It All Began

Mukut, pronounced Mookoot derived from Sanskrit, meaning the CROWN. Made of gold studded in various kinds of precious gems was worn in ancient times by Indian Gods and Goddesses, later on by the Maharajas also known as the kings and queens of South Asia. Mukut, the crown is very distinctive from western, as such the food made in our very own establishment.